Tu Carrito Foods

Armando Parra

Director ejecutivo

Our Mission

TuCarritoFoods is your leading shipping company from any city in the United States to Venezuela and more than twelve countries. We have alliances with services such as Fedex, MRW and UPS to guarantee the delivery of your packages in the shortest time possible, providing a quality service and fulfilling the commitment to provide you with personalized attention.

Our vision

We have agencies throughout the United States, to provide you with the widest network of coverage, being able to send from any city in the country. We are your connection with Venezuela and the world.

Our team

I am Armando Parra, executive director of this great company that, with several years in the market, has taken over the position of being your connection with Venezuela and the rest of the world. We have national and international shipments, with air and sea shipments so that you can send when you want and where you are in the easiest way. We are a committed team that work tirelessly to bring you the best attention!

Bienvenido a TuCarritoFoods